I have never made a handbag that I could use daily.
But I could not resist anymore making the Compass Bag by Noodlehead . I know I can trust her for making the best bag patterns ever! and this one does not disappoint. Everything falls into place perfectly, she gives great trips too. And all in all it is a pretty easy sew.
The only hard part was to find the proper hardware in France.

Voici ma version du Compass bag de Noodlehead. Un patron en anglais de très bonne qualité comme tous les patrons de cette créatrice. Le plus dur n'a pas été de coudre le sac mais de trouver les bons anneaux, crochets, ... J'ai eu du mal à trouver une boutique qui ait tout ce qu'il me fallait.
Si vous êtes en France et que vous connaissez une bonne boutique en ligne pour le matériel de fabrication des sacs , je suis preneuse!

 For the fabrics I chose some Les Fleurs Canvas and some Essex Yarn Dyed in Nautical for the pockets and the lining for more sturdiness.

  The lining is also made out of Essex Yarn Dyed. I did not include the zipper pocket but I am really proud to have installed this magnet closure!

 I chose the long adaptable straps.

 I have already adopted this bag and got lots of compliments for it!
On my computer I saved the photos under "compass bag #1" because I know there will be more versions of this pattern!

{ Improv quilt }

mercredi 15 mars 2017

 Here is my first attempt at improv quilting!
Honestly it felt so good I can't really put words on the experience.
It all started when I got this book from Amazon, after listening to a podcast featuring the author, Sherri Lynn Wood.
 I found her intriguing and really wanted to look into her book to see what she was really on about!
And, oh my reader, honestly! I never would have thought that quilting could be so freeing, so artistic and creative.

What I really love about the book is that she does not provide patterns per se, but "scores": 2 or 3 guidelines to kick start your creativity. And then : off you go!

For me what happenened with this quilt top is that I was trying to put some order in my fabric and made a pile of the three main fabrics totally by chance:  that gorgeous night blue, the beautiful gold-mango yellow and the gorgeous Art Gallery orange. I thought they looked awesome together, and started cutting into them, with no rulers! going with the flow, raw by raw, enjoying the piecing progress without thinking about perfectly matched seams!

During the piecing process, I let go of my fears, of my quest for perfection. It was not easy and often I felt something like :"Who are you to think you can make your own pattern here? Who are you to think you can create something unique, without following the rules?!"
Honestly, there was a lot of that involved. But the author of the book does incourage you to follow your creative instinct and to let go of your fears.

 I also tried to apply her method of "yes... and": which is to say: now that I created this row, or this block, I am going to make it mine and say: what's next? what do I feel like adding to it? what would go well with it now?
Honestly : so good!

I quilted it almost all with my free motion quilt foot. I am a total beginner when it comes to free motion quilting. But I though this crazy improv quilt was the perfect place to start experimenting.

I added some really awesome Essex yarn dyed linen in black for the binding and called it a day!

The quilt is now on my girl's bed. She loves it, she loves sleeping under it and she thinks it is the coolest thing on earth:)

{ Winter Janie Dress }

samedi 4 mars 2017

It feels like ages since I made a garment.
But this pattern by Welcome to the Mouse House had been calling my name for ages, especially after seeing the version sewn by my dear Rachel of Stitched Together.

Et me voilà de retour avec une robe pour Blandine. Cela fait une éternité que je n'avais pas cousu de vêtements et ce patron par Welcome To The Mouse House était exactement ce qu'il me fallait pour ce grand retour! Il s'agit de la Janie Dress, un patron qui permet des variantes intéressantes. Un patron très bien expliqué, comme la plupart des patrons indépendants américains, avec ses illustrations et ses photos. J'adore!
 For this dress, I used a very pretty and light knit I found (unexpectedly!) at my local fabric store.
I combined the same knit in two different colors using the darker for the collar.

Pour cette robe j'ai utilisé un tissu de  mon Laurent Tissu local. Une espèce de maille très très douce, en deux couleurs pour mettre en valeur le col.

My 10 years old girl is a tiny girl! She is "petite" and I should have cut a size 7 according to the measurements. But she and I wanted a longer lasting garment, something she could wear next winter if she wanted. So I made a size 8 and added length to the bodice and skirt. Therefore it is a bit wide at the chest and waist, but we don't mind. 

J'ai choisi de couper la robe dans une taille supérieure à celle que j'aurais dû choisir, pour que ma petite minette puisse la porter encore quelques saisons. 

 The dress twirls like a dream, and Blandine, who still dreams of princesses, loves it!
And her brother agrees!

C'est la robe qui tourne par excellence: le rêve de toute petite fille, et surtout de la mienne!!

 This dress was so fast to make and so easy with my beloved serger.
I hemmed the skirt and sleeves on my normal machine with a jersey needle.

  This girl.... I am so proud of her. She is clever and witty, creative and funny! I love her to pieces!

Thank you so much for visiting!

{ A happy crazy quilt }

jeudi 29 décembre 2016

 This quilt was for my mother. I made it for Christmas and it felt so good to see her so happy to receive something I made especially for her. Her joy made my heart sing, and then I remembered why quilting is so good: it is a way to give people love and care. 
I read somewhere that quilters are some of the most generous people. And even though I would not dare say so about myself, I believe it to be true: generosity and love are a the core of the quilting process. 

 This quilt was inspired by a design by Nancy Purvis, alias Owen's Olivia. I saw it on her instagram account, and then I saw a version of it made by Bijou Lovely. I was instantly hooked.

I thought it would be the perfect way to display gorgeous farbrics.

 And what could be more beautiful than a fat quarter stack of Anna Maria Horner's Dowry fabrics??
I had these in my stash for 2 years, when they were gifted to me by my beloved man.
There were waiting for the perfect design to sing and shout their gorgeousness!

It was my first time making an improv quilt and let me tell you: it is so freeing!

  • I cut a 11" strip into 12 fatquarters. 
  • then I subcut each strip into 12 smaller strips measuring between 1,5" x 11 to 3"x11. 
  • I cut them with my rotary cutter, usually free hand , with no ruler. 
  • I did the same with the white fabric. 
  • then I pieced together the blocks: 6 strips of white, with 6 strips of prints
  • then I trimmed each block down to a 11" x15" rectangle. 
I had 20 blocks in the end.

My binding is a green print by Carolyn Friedlander.

For the quilting I used a wavy line made with my walking foot (although my walking foot drives me CRAZY for some reason, and would never give me even stitches!)
There is a fabulous tutorial by bijou lovely that you can view here 

 I luuuurve the backing! it is made of some True Color by Anna maria Horner and some gorgeous organic flannel.

 My cute Man was king enough to hold the quilt for you , my dear readers! but he could not help but show a peek of his lovely face!

Well I guess, it is time to close this year of blogging with some warm wishes:
I wish you all a creative and happy new year 2017!

Thank you for reading!

{ A black and white log cabin quilt}

dimanche 27 novembre 2016

When I first saw the new fabric line by Gingiber for Moda , I fell in love! those animal prints are just so whimsical and cute if you ask me!:)
I actually wanted to make a new quilt for my son to snuggle in this winter, and this line was perfect for him. I then ordered the october  Quilterscandy box which featured a Junior jelly roll of the line, and many other cute and useful items (the most useful of them was surely the giant black and white cookie!! yumm!)
I added some black and white prints from my own stash, like the floral and some gorgeous Caroline Friedlander crosshatch in white which actually looks weird on my photos but looks really cool in person!

 After some doing some thinking over this quilt and farbics, I decided to go for a wild and free logcabin design.

My boy wanted his quilt to be backed with warm faux fur. 
I thought I could quilt the top on cotton batting first with straight lines around the blocks and then I thought that I would be able to add some hand quitling on the 3 layers. But the slippery, stretchy faux fur made it impossible for me to handquilt without having lots and lots of puckers everywhere. 

So I opted for some knots tied to every block angles with DMC cotton perlé black thread and I like it like that, even though I am usually more of a dense quilting kind of quilter!

 Turns out this black and white is not so easy to photograph, especially in the winter light!

My girl helped me to take some shots and happily wrapped herself into this heavy and warm quilt !
These shots are my favorite , of course! because a quilt is always made to be held, snuggled in and used ! 

This one is staying home with us!
Much love from our home to yours!

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